Hylton Forrester, CEO
‘I am the founder of Hylton Construction. It has always been my passion to create beautiful spaces, and it has been my lifestyle for over 20 years now. My entire family is involved in the business, and I am fortunate to be working with an excellent team of highly skilled people. This team is my biggest asset and a great deal of my I focus on supporting, mentoring and developing them so that we together can build a great future. I am very conscious about that to be a great leader I need to keep fit, and that’s why I go swimming several times a week early in the morning.’

Hastings Siringwani, Projects Director
‘I have been on Hylton’s team for more than three years as Projects Director. I am often the first person you will talk to, and it’s my responsibility to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to end. Before joining Hylton, I worked as Manager in an Engineering Sales company specialising in pumps and irrigation equipment in/with small and medium scale projects. Before that, I also worked as Project Development Officer in a Government Department and Consultancy working with NGO’s. I could not wish for a better position as being part of the journey we are on to become UK’s leading building company.’

Wendy Forrester, Finance & HR Director
‘As my surname probably gives away, I am married to Hylton, and my building experience dates back more than 20 years, although I don’t lay bricks, etc. My expertise is to manage our finances and HR including ensuring our client’s pay as agreed and paying our vendors and the team on time. Naturally, with Hylton leading the team I mostly manage our household, but when I do have spare time I liaise with the men on the ground and make sure we have enough skilled manpower to execute our projects. I also recruit and arrange interviews and training for new employees.’

Joseph Valentine, Project intern
Joseph is a Graphic Design Graduate and started off as an intern in the Hylton Office in 2014 where he began handling the web and telephone enquiries. After graduating in 2015, he has continued to excel as one of the Sales Administration team securing new projects for the company.

Tomas Site Surveyor/Manager,
Tomas started work as an apprentice carpenter and over the last few years has honed his skills both on site and as a supervisor. He also undertakes site visits to prospective clients to assess and evaluate the work.

Skilled building teams
Our teams of tradespeople and construction workers have diverse skills. An average team would include a carpenter, electrician, plumber, plasterer, roofer and builder. Through Hylton’s training and mentorship, staff can replicate his experience and provide his level of excellent service to customers.

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